Hiring Counselor/Advocate 1

Your Safe Haven, Inc. has the following job opening:

STARTING SALARY: $25,300 – $29,500
OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY: To provide crisis intervention and direct services to victims of
domestic violence, sexual assault, and other serious crimes.

1. To provide direct services to agency clients through appointment, walk-ins, office
coverage, and/or via the phone.
2. To monitor case progress and participate in case management activities.
3. Responsible for maintaining client files and compiling statistical reports.
4. Provides individual and group counseling to victims of domestic violence, sexual
assault and other serious crimes.
5. Provides advocacy/accompaniment for clients while providing services for clients.
6. Participate in training sessions for staff/volunteers, as they relate to the counseling
7. Complete procedural services to include accompaniment, prior comments, victim
impact statement assistance, property return, restitution, and VCAP.
Accompaniment (Criminal Cases/Juvenile Cases) – The Victims’ Services Program shall provide
accompaniment during court-related activities. Accompaniment is the in-person support
provided to a victim.

Prior Comment (Criminal Cases/Juvenile Cases) – The Victims’ Services Program shall assist
victims on how to provide prior comment on all adult and/or juvenile criminal matters
concerning, but not limited to the potential reduction or dropping of a charge, plea agreements,
or case diversions including referrals to restorative practices, specialty courts, Accelerated
Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), informal adjustment, or consent decree.
Property Return (Criminal Cases/Juvenile Cases) – The Victims’ Services Program shall inform,
advocate, and coordinate the expeditious return of property, used as evidence, to the victim.
Restitution (Criminal Cases/Juvenile Cases) – The Victims’ Services Program shall inform and
advocate, on behalf of victims, regarding their rights to restitution under Pennsylvania law and
advocate on behalf of the victim(s) for the necessity and collection of restitution.
Victim Impact Statement (Criminal Cases/Juvenile Cases) – Prior to sentencing, the Victims’
Services Program shall aid victims regarding their right to offer a written and/or oral victim
impact statement.

VCAP (Criminal Cases/Juvenile Cases) – The Victims’ Services Program shall provide information
to the victim about Victims Compensation Assistance and assist, directly or indirectly, in
preparation, filing, and follow up of any claim for Victims Compensation Assistance.
8. Other duties as may be required.

1. Bachelor’s degree in social work or related human service field OR 3 years significant
work experience.
2. Required to complete or have completed the mandatory training as dictated by
funding sources for Your Safe Haven Inc.
3. Experience in domestic violence/sexual assault field preferred.
4. Ability to work in a crisis oriented, fast paced work environment.
5. Reliable transportation and telephone required.
6. Act 33/34 and FBI Clearances required.
7. Valid PA driver’s license.

Job Opening Counselor/Advocate I

Your Safe Haven, Inc currently has a Counselor/Advocate I position open. This position works in conjunction with other agencies and the court to advocate for victims of all crimes. Court accompaniment, assistance with PFA orders, travel, and compassion for victims of crime are necessary.  Bachelor’s degree preferred but will consider non-degree with experience.   View complete job description here  Counselor-Advocate I.  To apply submit resume and references to hr@yoursafehaven.org or mail to Your Safe Haven, Attn: Executive Director,  220 S. Thomas St, Bedford, PA 15522 by December 13, 2021.



Q: When will the nightmares and anxiety attacks stop? It’s been nearly four years and I’m feeling more crippled by them every day. – Karen M.

A: Wow, four years of panic attacks sounds emotionally and mentally exhausting. According to Ruth Spalding, a clinical therapist who specializes in treating individuals with a history of trauma, such as domestic violence, if enduring panic attacks for this long was normal.

“Panic attacks make sense, and are pretty common after surviving domestic abuse,” Spalding says. And while four years of them is not necessarily unusual, she adds, it is severe in the sense that you should consider talking to a therapist so you can move on. “Panic attacks are so physically overwhelming and feel so awful that a lot of people struggle with treatment because treatment involves exposure to the thing that is causing the panic. You may need to go over the traumatic experiences. People are generally not excited to do that, but it’s an incredibly efficient and effective therapy.”

In the interim, when you have a panic attack, Spalding advises trying a progressive muscle relaxation technique to help calm yourself. First, put your back against the wall, if you’re able, or sit in a comfortable chair. Focus on one muscle at a time in your body, such as your left hand. Inhale and squeeze that muscle tight, in this case, making a fist. Hold for about eight seconds before releasing the tension and exhaling. Try to stay relaxed for 15 seconds and then move on to a new muscle group. You can also watch this YouTube video to help guide you through a progressive muscle relaxation.