Custody Actions In Bedford County

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The Bedford County Bar Association is pleased to present a new resource for custody litigants in Bedford County. The Presentation, Custody Actions In Bedford County, provides general information regarding custody actions in Bedford County, Pennsylvania only. The presentation was designed to provide litigants with information on filing the initial custody action and the court process. The presentation should be watched in its entirety to be most beneficial. When accessing the presentation, please have a copy of the custody documents to review and complete.

Please note the recent changes to completing and filing your custody action. Effective January 6, 2018, litigants and their attorneys must comply with the Public Access Policy (Policy) of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania: Case Records of the Appellate and Trial Courts. To comply, when completing the pleadings to file with the Court, Confidential Information may not be included in the pleadings and Confidential Documents may not be attached to the pleadings in order to limit public access.

Please read the Public Access Policy: Confidential Information and Documents to understand what information may not be included in the pleadings and what other documents you may have to complete and file. Additionally, please review the first Custody Presentation: Introduction and Recent Changes for more information on this Policy.

For more information about this policy and how to comply, please click here.

The Confidential Information Form can be found here.

The Confidential Document Form can be found here.

The Confidential Information Form and Abuse Victim Addendum can be found here.

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